A visual and verbal sashaying adventure through 75yrs of JAZZ and the BLUES

"JAZZ from the Belly of the BLUES"


Jazz swirls from the
Belly of the Blues
Brings us laughter.
As the saying goes, we laugh to
Keep from crying. Our universal
Gut does cry but,
Seeking sanity, we put on the
Happy face of Jazz

JAZZ from the Belly of the BLUES
"JAZZ from the Belly of the BLUES"

Are you ready for some freely swinging Jazz?

Do you love those magical, mystical fly notes that lift your spirits and make you smile in spite of yourself?

Do your thoughts of Free Jazz conjure up wild, improvisational possibilities that help you breathe deeply?

Or maybe you know something about the Free Jazz offered in some summer’s local parks, or on some toss-a-coin-into-the-hat urban street corners or even in damp underground subways.

Those are wonderful kinds of Free Jazz. But really, let’s just think of the kind of “free” that says: “Here is a special book for which no money needs to leave your hands.”

Just step off the train of your busy day; lean back right where you are and delight yourself with the reading of: JAZZ from the Belly of the BLUES.

Find your relaxation, your inspiration and perhaps a bit of understanding of your nation.

Life doesn’t always have to be about making money, does it? Hmmm.

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Now! Let’s get it ON with JAZZ.

In The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jazz the author (Alan Axelrod, Ph.D.) says, "Jazz (draws on) the feelings associated with living in this nation over the past century or so. To appreciate and savor jazz is to know something more about ourselves."

I quite agree with that premise, and will proceed with my association of our History with our Jazz.

CHAPTER after CHAPTER, this book is being presented for your reading pleasure.

Paintings, prints, posters and photos reveal a 75Yr saga of one who used observations of Jazz and the Blues to guide her through life.

How do YOU feel about Jazz?

Do you enjoy Jazz?

Do you understand those special Blues?

Explore this book

Experience this poetically sparse story as it unfolds with photos and unique paintings giving artful nudges relating to America’s jitterbug dance with freedom, democracy and equality.

Empathize as you exercise with a jazzy walk in “their” shoes.

Embrace your enhanced understanding as you travel along this Blues filled cultural divide.

Each chapter will take you to a societal place where you may never have been. It may give you a perspective you have never seen - or, if you have, so much the better. You will surely delight in the thought of “I remember that!”

For today’s chapter, click HERE on “What’s New”. Other Chapters are, or will be, available in “Archives” at the top of this page.

This book is a work in progress. I must finish organizing it. Yet, I must paint. Please be patient.

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The revealing story,

art images,

actual photographs,

historical commentary and

personal points of view

are yours for the printing. BUT! You must NEVER use this material for commercial purposes. See “Copyright” above.

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