Forty acres and a mule . . . .  What a JAZZED guarantee that was. What BLUES resulted!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


CafePress.com promotes my shop: CafePress.com/jazart.  Their service is quite reliable, with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee on all products. If ever necessary to exchange or return an item, see: CafePress, “Returns and Exchanges” for friendly, detailed instructions.

ArtBuy(by Doris)Price may occasionally offer special limited edition prints or original art works. They will be sent directly from Doris Price via PayPal purchase. Such works of art are guaranteed to satisfy you or, of course, your money will be graciously refunded. If you ever have concerns about any order, please CLICK HERE to send Doris Price an email with “CONCERNS” already in the subject line.

In an attempt to avoid publishing my email address and thereby possibly avoid some spamming email spiders, just click on “CLICK HERE” above, to contact us. The email address will be revealed at that point. Please describe your concerns. Doris Price expects, and will smilingly be determined, to make you happy or your money back. (This definitely is not a forty acres and a mule* kind of guarantee.)

(*See: http://www.njsbf.org/njsbf/student/respect/fall02-2.cfm)

SO! Go with a relaxed heart and see what is available at CafePress.com/jazart.